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Help How to submit and FAQs. The world that companies operate in today forces them to continually seek out and strive for new cost savings and where possible create a competitive advantage.

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What is Waste? Irish and European waste legislation has progressed through a myriad of legislative waste revisions over the last 35 years.

Globalisation is now well and truly upon us and the barriers of entry no longer hold bounds on the larger organisations, the big corporations are now looking for new opportunities for expansion. For the Small and Medium The primary objective was to give a detailed The Green IT guidelines or the recommended activities outlined in literature are often more applicable This research extends this perspective of the CIS lifecycle to the years post-installation.

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This study Material suppliers can play a very large role in the success of manufacturing firms. While Porter described suppliers as a competitive force, Childe recognised them as business partners in the extended One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is to consistently and sustainably innovate.


The business world now needs individuals who know how to generate new ideas to develop their competitiveness, who can project this idea and turn it into commercial value. For this reason, the demand for young engineers and executive candidates who have received scientific education in the field of technology and innovation management have increased rapidly.

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The program is designed with a flexible educational content that allows students to specialize in these fields and to specialize in various fields in accordance with their choices and skills according to their knowledge and skills subjects. The aim of the graduate program without thesis is; The aim of the course is to provide the student with deep knowledge on a certain subject and to show how to use the existing knowledge in practice.

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This program consists of at least ten courses and a term project with no less than thirty credits. Term project course is non-credit and is evaluated as successful or unsuccessful.

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  • We develop expertise in the energy industry together with international and Vaasa's local industrial companies. Our school's particular strong areas in research are information networks and wireless telecommunications services, optimisation, decentralised power generation, power distribution and use, quality and technology management, logistics, product development, and modelling of economic and technological phenomena. Our graduates are pioneers of new energy and sustainability ready for demanding expert and leadership duties.

    Wireless sensor and actuator networks WSNs have experienced a rapid development during the last 15 years.

    The early Foad Shokrollahi's doctoral thesis in Mathematics proposes different generalizations and applications of the